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Dot Connect is a certified Google partner and a leading company in its field. We provide a suite of services including design and development of professional websites and web applications, digital marketing solutions, logo and visual identity design, and more. Our experience extends over more than ten years, with a good record of local and global satisfied customers.

Web Design & Development

The online presence of your business is key to success, and the desired website should have an attractive image and informative content. With our experienced website designers and developers, we have delivered a large number of successful and innovative websites with unique online presence.

Digital Marketing

Dot Connect (certified Google partner) is highly specialized and well experienced in creating and managing all sizes of digital marketing campaigns. We can deliver your marketing message to your targeted customers, making most efficient use of your allocated budget and maximizing the ROI.

Visual Identity Design

The logo of your business gives the first impression to your customers. We focus on the business visual identity to make effective branding. We meld creativity with business savvy to craft your brand-centric logo that enhances your company image and opportunities to achieve your goals.

Web Design & Development

We build your professional website

For any business that you may have, Dot Connect will build for you an attractive and user-friendly website or provide you with a web application solution; such will be your most effective marketing tools. We focus on the major indicators like user experience and website performance.

Digital Marketing

Reach the right people at the right time, pay only for results.

Get immediately noticed by interested customers when they are searching for products/services that you offer.
You will be charged only when a customer clicks on your ad and is directed to visit your website or to give you a phone call.

Unlimited reach to your customers; local and global coverage

Your business will be noticed by interested people who are located in whatever geographical area you may like to cover (global, countries, cities, districts). People interest is detected by their online behavior, like searching for products/services that you offer or watching YouTube videos related to your line of business, or etc.

You will be charged only for ads that pay off

There is no charge for displaying your ads. You pay only when an interested customer clicks on your ad to visit your website, watch your video or call your business. In other words, when your ad is productive.
You can start with any budget and you can always change it whenever you like.

Never stop improving.

Measure your ads’ results and figure out which audiences are most receptive. Whether you’re looking to increase sales or get more calls, a report will help you measure campaign performance so you can make the necessary adjustments and meet your objectives.

Visual Identity Design

Your business logo is important; it creates the first impression to your customers

Our experienced graphic designers will develop for you the professional logos that are most suitable for your business. We also take your company branding a step ahead by the carefully-crafted visual identity.

Online customers service

Subscribe to the Online Customer Service Program

Every successful business has its own success foundations. “Customer Service” is the main factor for success of any online business. It is extremely important and should never be underestimated as it will essentially lead to the success and flourishing or otherwise to the stagnation and weakness of your online business.

We’re here to help

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We will work with you till you start getting the return on your investment

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