Character Design

Great characters often become stand-ins for a company. Think of famous brands like Disney. Mickey Mouse is interchangeable with their brand and evokes striking responses. Your company will be no different. Our process of developing characters to evoke positive responses resulting in conversions is unmatched!

  1. There are many ways to effectively use characters to market your products/services. For example, if you’re looking to advertise a festival, characters can add that accessible, personal touch. Often people view characters as imparting a soul onto these events and making them into a living, breathing entity. Same with businesses. Think about the Olympics, sports teams, and even insurance companies such as GEICO. Having characters greatly enhances their name recognition and helps with assigning values to a company.
  2. There are many essential steps to building the right character. The first is understanding the goals with building the character. Here we answer the question of how should the character appear? Should this character have some edge and be trendy, or should the character communicate traditional values? Once these questions are answered the next step is building the concept through pencil sketches. These sketches provide the outline for translating those intangible concepts into a tangible character. Think of the pencil sketch as the foundation for building a house. After the pencil sketching is complete, the next step is adding colors to the character. This is where your character is finalized and becomes the embodiment of your company. The goal is for the character to gain a deep association, such as Mickey Mouse has with Disney!